Dating A young Guy: Senior Dating Dream or Disaster?

Dating could be hard at all ages, therefore if you cons

Margaret Manning:

My visitor today is Lisa Copeland. Lisa is a dating mentor whom works together females over 50, helping them to locate a quality guy. Thank you for visiting the show, Lisa.

Lisa Copeland:

Hi, Margaret! It is nice to be around.


Many thanks. Therefore, you’re right right here to aid us discover the man that is right right?


I definitely am. It’s possible.


Once you ask people in our Sixty and Me community about their view of dating, they’d react with either hopeful, wonderful or tragedy. Numerous have experienced experiences on both ends regarding the line.

Needless to say, it doesn’t need to be a love relationship you’re after. You might have a spectrum of friendships with dudes. My concern you think about women in their 60s dating younger men for you is, what do?


I believe it is great. We don’t think you need to restrict you to ultimately a certain variety of man you want – or you feel is appropriate – to date that you think. If males are drawn to you, give it a shot. You will want to? You have got nil to lose, also it might be a complete large amount of enjoyable.

You don’t have actually to look for a married relationship partner. You can have a fan. You’ll have a guy that just comes over once a week. You could have a relationship that is communal. It is possible to live together, or perhaps not live together. Have you thought to give it a shot and determine just what it feels as though?


That’s an answer that is great. I do believe, however, that lots of ladies in their 50s and 60s nevertheless genuinely believe that a relationship often means only one thing. That which you simply said is always to expand our meaning. A relationship doesn’t need to be that severe.

We really have a question that is personal you. I like a month-to-month travel journey with an excellent band of individuals over 50, gents and ladies. We share comparable passions, and it’s plenty of fun traveling together.

We’d a visit a week ago, and I also had the impression a number of the dudes had been being flirty – asking good concerns and probing for information. I possibly could really inform they certainly were thinking about me personally. Therefore, we surely got to chatting, and even though talking about all of the accepted places I’ve resided and events that occurred in my own life, we began thinking, “Oh, my God, many years are including. ”

This business come in their 50s, then when they asked concerns like, “How old will be your son? ” after I’ve talked about my son along with his youngster, and I also replied, “34, ” I simply saw them doing the mathematics. These people were probably thinking, “34 plus 30, plus… Oh, my gosh, this girl must certanly be like 80 something. ”

What now? Whenever you’re for the reason that situation having a more youthful man, and they ask you to answer concerns that time to your actual age company website? Exactly just What could you say?


You’re a honest individual, Margaret, however you need to use control of such circumstances. Therefore, whenever a man asks regarding the son’s age, you might state something such as, “Well, my son is 34, but I’ve surely got to tell you one thing. I’m (fill out the blank) age. ” Once you throw it available to you, you’ve got control, and you’re not stressed exactly what he may think.

I happened to be on an airplane when, and a man that is young close to me personally revealed me personally these diamond bands he had been attempting to sell for a meeting. We stated, “I have actually young ones your age, ” accompanied by, “I’m going to be 60. ” He viewed me personally and stated, “Really? I was thinking you had been more youthful than that. ”

Therefore, whenever you throw it out first, then it is maybe perhaps not just a deal that is big. You’re perhaps maybe maybe not hiding it – you’re proud of it.


I believe great deal of females do bother about the age distinction and exactly how they would seem to more youthful dudes. Maybe it’s related to a sense of guilt. If the man is interested and also you feel young, sexy and dynamic, why don’t you? What’s your advice to your customers?


We tell my customers to often be truthful about what their age is. With confidence, the results are much different than when you blurt it out as if your age is a menace to beware if you feel good about your age, and share it. You need to really enter into your appreciate and age where you stand since it is empowering.

I believe among the items that blows our self- self- confidence to pieces once we head to online internet dating sites is seeing that males inside their 60s seek out feamales in their 40s. That basically scares us.

A buddy of mine utilized to operate a rate service that is dating. Once the dudes would are offered in, they constantly had a tendency to want to speak to more youthful ladies. My buddy would inform them, “No. You are wanted by me to access understand some of those ladies first. Then we’ll talk. You go. In the event that you nevertheless like to go right to the younger ones, I’ll let”

If the dudes came ultimately back to her, they’d say, “I didn’t understand females my age had been therefore amazing. ” But we share history and that’s hugely important. Everybody knows the events that are historical occurred within our life time. While, whenever you’re choosing somebody from the different generation, your history is extremely various.


Yeah. There’s no ground that is common fall back into.


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